CHANGERS Book Three: Kim

When we last saw Oryon Small he was kidnapped and locked in a basement, his best friend Chase dying in his arms. In Book Three of the groundbreaking Changers series, Oryon awakens as Kim Cruz, an Asian American girl whose body looks nothing like she expected or desired.

Where Changers Book One: Drew dealt primarily with issues of gender and bias, and Changers Book Two: Oryon explored issues concerning race and bigotry, Changers Book Three: Kim tackles the thorny, less straightforward subjects of body shaming, self-esteem, grief, mental illness, and how the expectations of the outside world can’t help but color the way we see ourselves.

Kim–smart, funny, and finally fed up with the cards she’s been dealt–is finding out that friends change, love doesn’t always mean forever, and growing up means living your truth, even if it isn’t pretty.


The New York Times Style Section takes on CHANGERS

Praise for Changers Book Three: Kim:

“Kim’s voice and the banter between characters are funny, and they feel real. The identity and marginalization issues loom large, but instead of being shoehorned into side characters, they’re scooped up and taken into a deeper, entertaining, fantastic narrative.”

Kirkus Reviews

Praise for the Changers series:

"Fantastic and poignant."

John Green

"A probe into effects of gender, race and body image on the formation of identity.... As marketable as it is topical, catnip to curiosity seekers and to the marginalized communities that often get short shrift in other young adult fiction."

The New York Times

“This is more than just a ‘message’ book about how we all need to be more understanding of each other. The imaginative premise is wrapped around a moving story about gender, identity, friendship, bravery, rebellion vs. conformity, and thinking outside the box.”

School Library Journal

“Changers should appeal to a broad demographic. Teenagers, after all, are the world’s leading experts on trying on, and then promptly discarding, new identities.”

The New York Times

“A thought-provoking exploration of identity, gender, and sexuality . . . an excellent read for any teens questioning their sense of self or gender.”

Publishers Weekly


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CHANGE is at hand

EXCERPT From "The Changers Bible":

CHANGERS EMBLEM. A variation on Leonardo da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man drawing, dating to approximately 1490 CE (Figure 1).The Changers Emblem contains four bodies superimposed in motion, instead of two (as portrayed in da Vinci’s composition), and appears to the eye as both four bodies and one body at the same time—though all sharing one head and heart. An emblem of the Changer mantra: In the many we are one.