Real Man Adventures

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Charged, personal, and entirely original, Real Man Adventures is a brash, wildly inventive, and comic exploration of the paradoxes and pleasures of masculinity. A brilliant collage of letters, essays, artwork and interviews, this book will forever change what you think it means to be a man.

“Sharp, hilarious, incredibly personal, and ingenuously honest.”

Interview Magazine

"The necessary change, the breakthrough we seek and need begins here in this book, with the honest questions answered and the self laid bare... Brilliant writing."

Saeed Jones (NPR)

"In this mindbendingly good book, T Cooper gets to the heart of what it is to be human, by circling around questions most of us don’t ever know to ask. Subtle, engaging, righteously furious and often brilliant, this book radiates infinite possibility."

Nick Flynn

"Brave and often hilarious."

Vanity Fair

"Sublime confidence and spirit distinguishes this unorthodox memoir… Probing, entertaining and revealing… Infused with personality and the ballsy honesty of someone for whom becoming a man was ‘the most natural thing in the world."

Kirkus Reviews

“Sharp, hilarious, incredibly personal, and ingenuously honest.”

Interview Magazine (Christopher Bollen)

“Straightforward, humorous, angry, loving, reflective, grateful, cerebral, and compassionate… [This] is neither a political book nor a polemic; it’s a deeply personal, honest, and wildly creative expression of Cooper’s view of himself and of the world in which he lives… Cooper’s magnetism stems from his lack of self-pity, his talent for laughing at himself, and his combination of humility and confidence.”

Knoxville News Sentinel

“Deeply honest… a brave book. The irreverent, wry humor throughout keeps Cooper’s brash personality at center stage, where it belongs.”

Shelf Awareness

"Glorious... You've never read a book about this particular experience told in such a compelling voice."

The Stranger (Seattle)

"Humorous, surprising, and heartfelt."

Publishers Weekly

"This is a terrifically entertaining, often hilarious book. But it deserves to be taken seriously, too."

The Boston Globe

"A valuable, enlightening document that sidesteps cliché and easy answers in favor of a bracing account of what it means... to be a man in this world."

The Portland Mercury

"An absorbing adventure."

Time Out Chicago


Lambda Literary Review

"Cooper's style--prickly, smart, sometimes caustic and often affecting--tilts the transgender narrative into something entirely his own...a dynamic snapshot of a life."

SF Weekly

"[This] book, a species of memoir all its own, tackles with deft humor and brazen honesty the conundrum that is gender identity and just what in the hell 'being a man' may or may not actually mean... A heroic open letter."

Leveled Mag

"Vibrant... With a finely tuned voice, Cooper manages to be both exacting and uproariously funny."

Next Magazine


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LOOK! It's the Real Man Adventures limited edition CD, with musical performances by: The Julie Ruin, Hem, Rick Moody, Scott Miller & The Commonwealth, Chris Pureka, Our Lady J, Geo Wyeth, Dynasty Handbag, Rocco Katastrophe, Soce the Elemental Wizard, Peg Hambright (of the Judy Bats), Scott McCloud (of Girls Against Boys), Thunderegg, and more!

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"A refreshing, funny, angry, startlingly insightful examination of gender and masculinity."


"Our favorite author!"

Original Plumbing

"A valuable read and a go-to resource for understanding an incredibly underrepresented and often silenced community."