Some of the Parts

Akashic Books, 2002

The Indie Bestseller
Barnes & Noble Discover Great New Writers pick
and Quality Paperback Book Club selection

Some of the Parts is about families – the ones we’re born into and the ones we create. In spare, evocative prose, T Cooper tells the story of four: Arlene is lonely and pill-popping; only after her daughter leaves the house does she begin to decipher the intricacies of motherhood. Arlene’s daughter Taylor is so simultaneously perfect yet useless, that she is paralyzed by an inevitable future. Arlene’s brother Charlie faces the unexpected – even unwanted – prospect of surviving with terminal illness, and his best friend Isak is a gender “freak” to the world at large, a living, breathing anomaly to those around him. Through sickness and health – and everything in between – these four fractured lives collide to re-forge a definition of family out of their respective exiles.

"...a self-assured and relentlessly honest debut."

—Barnes & Noble Discover Great New Writers

"Sharp, funny, evocative."

—Village Voice

"A wholly original novel that's both discomforting and compelling to read."

—San Francisco Chronicle

"The kind of story Anne Tyler might write if she hung out with transgender freak show artists and HIV-postive gay men."

—Time Out New York

"Shine a light on this story and its many facets brilliantly shine back at you."

—Bust Magazine

"A sassy, affectingly earnest first novel."

—Kirkus Reviews

"Best of the year... [an] outstanding debut."

—The Advocate

"...worthy of a rock-star welcome."