Some other places with writing by T Cooper

MAN MADE Feature Documentary

Directed, Produced, Filmed and Co-Written by T Cooper


The Blacklist

Writer and Consulting Producer: Seasons 6 & 7 (NBC)


short fiction
The New Yorker


Season 1, Episode 3



“That But Not That”: T Cooper on Stonewall’s 50th Anniversary

"Camp Lost Boys"

T Cooper’s adventures at a camp for trans men.

Mother Jones (July/Aug 2018)

"Separation of Church and Coffee"

T Cooper on Christian coffee shops in the South (PRX, Public Radio Exchange)


Season 2 (BBC America)

"Putting the High in High Holy Days"

Conversation w/ ATL Rapper Tyler Gartzman

The Rumpus

T Cooper on "Crazy Bitch" in Esquire (April 2015)

A special section on Women & Men

Confidence: The Best of The Believer Music Interviews

T Cooper on IRMA THOMAS, Soul Queen of New Orleans

Portland Review

(Summer 2013)

"Details Inside"

short fiction

"Up in Arms"

Columbia Journal ($49)

Olympic boxer

Queen Underwood
Oprah Magazine

Literary Guide to NYC

Poets and Writers

“MC Ditty: Detroit Underground Hip Hop”

The New York Times Magazine

"The Husband"

short fiction
One Story (#138)

Freud's Blind Spot

edited by Elisa Albert

Feature on surgeon

Dr. Marci Bowers
Out Magazine

"Living with Music: A Playlist"


The Secret Miracle: The Novelist's Handbook

edited by Daniel Alarcón

"The Time Machine"

short fiction
Electric Literature

The Future Dictionary of America

McSweeney’s Books

“T COOPER in conversation with SIGRID NUNEZ”

The Believer