A Fictional History of the United States

with Huge Chunks Missing
edited by T Cooper & Adam Mansbach

A Village Voice Best Book of Summer 2006
and Los Angeles Times Summer Pick 2006

“This is a ‘people’s history’ with tongue in cheek: delightfully funny, imaginative, but with a subtle undertone of seriousness. I enjoyed it immensely.”

author of A People’s History of the United States

Anthologists’ Roundtable
in The Southeast Review

Randomness & Revelation
in the San Francisco Bay Guardian

"Howard Zinn has met his match in this wry and winking account of these United States."


"A&E Biography big-timers are either absent or ass-out in this short-story collection, a people's history that mixes the reverent and the absurd. Alexander Chee wind-walks with our Chinese discoverers, David Rees gets his Reconstruction on, and Adam Mansbach rips out the roots of pop-cult colonialism--topping a freewheeling first half that evokes the broken souls of manifest destiny. Things get increasingly solemn after the New Deal, when the excavated voices get closer to ones the writers heard growing up (Keith Knight's cartoon on the ruin wrought by a Globetrotters loss is a hilarious exception). Peruvian writer Daniel Alarcon finally flushes us with a future civil war (next year, even) where rebs steal a presidential limb and the missing chunk becomes America itself."

The Village Voice

"These stories run the gamut from hilarious to tragic as they target subjects that are controversial or politically incorrect. The authors... have chosen to reflect on moments in history that moved them, with results that are diverse, readable, entertaining, and compelling... A new perspective on U.S. history."

Library Journal

"Provides an antidote to the glossy dross that often passes for history. A must read for individuals serious about history, this book belongs on the shelf right next to Howard Zinn's A People's History of the United States and James W. Loewen's Lies My Teacher Told Me: Everything Your American History Textbook Got Wrong."

Historical Novels Review

"Cooper's and Mansbach's thesis is noble and intellectually rigorous."

Publishers Weekly

"One of the better short fiction anthologies I've read in awhile, A Fictional History of the United States With Huge Chunks Missing presents stories that take issue with the high school version of American history. It's more fun than Howard Zinn's classic radical history book, and doesn't even skimp on specifics. Editors T Cooper and Adam Mansbach have curated a mix of stories that hit notes of tragedy and hilarity with equal care. They and their contributors have found 'history' to be as irresistible a framing device as any resulting readers will."


"History may be written by the victors, but neither the official story nor the corrupted sorts who foist it upon us can vanquish the truth--especially the truth produced by lying of the artful and big-hearted variety. Hooray for this hilarious and pointed fictional history! Hooray for the missing chunks, too!"

—SAM LIPSYTE, author of Home Land

"This is the only essential anthology to come along in the 21st century. Had William Burroughs edited short fiction by Howard Zinn, the result would fit snugly between these covers. Be prepared to experience American history in an entirely new way."

—JAIME MANRIQUE, author of Our Lives are the Rivers